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The Projects Directorate activities includes among others:-

  1. Management of Renewable Energy projects and particularly Hydro, Wind, Micro Gas Turbine and Biogas
  2. Supervision and coordination of all project payment preparation
  3. Supervision and coordination of consultants and contractors’ reports for all ongoing and new projects
  4. Project design, planning, management and scheduling
  5. Management of REA new projects for grid extension
  6. Design of HDVs networks for new projects
  7. Payment certificate verification for all zones
  8. Collation of data and cost estimate for REA new projects
  9. Update of all projects status
  10. Due process of contractors interim payment certificate
  11. Project progress payment assessment
  12. Project inspection and monitoring to confirm level of completion of all projects and
  13. Any other assignment from the Management or the board of the Agency.