Our Objectives

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REA Objectives:

These are listed in the Rural Electrification Policy as:

  • Promote agriculture, industrial, commercial and other economic and social activities in rural areas.
  • Raise the living standards of the rural population through improved water supply, lighting and security.
  • Promote the use of domestic electrical appliances to reduce the drudgery of household tasks.
  • Promote cheaper, more convenient and more environmentally friendly options to the prevalent lighting methods.
  • Assist in reducing rural – urban migration.
  • Protect the nation’s health and environment through pollution reduction and elimination of other energy – related environmental hazards.

Other supportive measures to achieve the outlined objectives include:

  • Improve service standards, including increased availability, reliability and quality of power supply.
  • Improve affordability of power through competition, subsidies on capital investments and reduced barriers to entry e.t.c.
  • Improve financial sustainability of power supply, through appropriate tariffs policies that reflect costs of operation, maintenance, system compensation, expansion and upgrade and a reasonable return on investment.
  • Develop and update Rural Electrification database to facilitate effective planning and efficient coverage.